I now understand that my blog, like my child (and pet), needs daily nourishing and nurturing. And though ideas for blog posts swarm in my head most days and many nights, I cannot convince Ouisie that mommy needs daily quiet time to work on her computer. 

It is not for lack of trying. Over the summer all of Ouisie’s activities and playgroups went on break. And so, while the blog deserves love and attention, something had to give. And face it, switching off a computer is much easier than an active toddler.

Recently, when I switch on the computer, I struggle to put my stories into words and can only compose fragments from my stream of consciousness. 



After discarding another disjointed draft, I came across a blog post on Fox’s Lane that echoed my frustrated feelings. Following her lead, I decided to play the ‘taking stock’ game. 

And so it goes;

Photo albums on blurb.com for Ouisie’s first two years. 
Needlepoint Santa for Christmas 2013 2014.
1) Cookies to freeze for rainy days and quick hostess gifts. 
2) A big batch of chicken spaghetti for neighbour recovering from operation, with leftovers to freeze 
for a quick future family dinner. 
Cup of green tea and jasmine with Chef’s honey.
Researching destination for upcoming holiday and writing assignments.
The breeze to pick up and cool off hot conservatory.
At my nails which are in desperate need of a manicure.
Every make believe game imagined by my toddler. 
Calories on delicious toffee bought for cookie batch.
In theory, the aforementioned needlepoint Santa. 
I had more time to write. And blog. And practice calligraphy. And workout. 
And save the world.
Carefree moments with my daughter. 
(Anxiously!) For upcoming trip back to States to visit family and friends.
PicMonkey.com, Pinterest. and Spotify
1) Which preschool is best for Ouisie?
2) Can writing become a fulltime career?
New families that have moved into homes on the Lane.
The air is filled with sounds of children playing outside–bliss!
1) To make a difference.
2) To be homeowners and build our dream kitchen.
At Chef’s homemade cheese, smoked brisket, and smoked wild salmon.
To go to bed before 2am.
Scent of wild mushrooms on forest walk this morning.
UNIQLO jeans and slippers for my aching toes. 
Various blogs from around the world. Inspired by the variety of styles and content.
Days are getting shorter. Temperatures are getting cooler. 
The British summer heatwave is fighting to hang on.
Sleep is the best anti-aging medicine, but ignore my heavy lids. 
The dog needs a bath and the garden needs weeding. 
(Thinking it’s Chef turn to do both.)
Photography websites. Travel tips on Marrakech.
Another piece of toffee. 
(I should have never opened the bag!)
About Ouisie telling her favorite teddy bear, Dr. Brown Bear, 
not to grow big and have sharp claws and teeth. 
Tired but alert.

I look forward to my words returning and hope that by taking personal stock, my thoughts will begin to stream back together.

There is no pressure to be carefree and paste this post, or forward it to five friends. You will not have bad luck for 50 years or have to eat woolly worms if you choose not to play the taking stock game. 

But if you want to take personal stock, you can find a blank list from Pip’s blog

Do let me know if you give it a go as I would love to know if your dog also needs a bath, and if your Santa needlepoint is on schedule for (a future) Christmas.

Until then, be carefree and don’t fret over a little mud on your boots.

Here’s mud in your eye!