No one has the first day of school jitters in our cottage. No one is dreading returning to work after a long break. Quite the contrary.

Today marks the beginning of our family holidays. yeehaw!

Chef is off work for two weeks. Ouisie and I are nomads for two months (!).

We will travel by cars, trains, planes, on foot, and (hopefully) camels, too.

We will eat, drink, laugh, explore, and relax with each other and loved ones.
While on the road, Ouisie will be promoting her hit singles Old MacDonald Had a Farm and Itsy Bitsy Spider. Concerts are available upon request. No pre-booking required.
There is a lot of packing to be done. We have started sorting through our things. Some things, we may have to leave behind.
Like tutus…
… and floral headbands.
But shoes! A girl must coordinate her footwear.
How do you ensure you have the right pair for any occasion a holiday may spring?
I love traveling.
But right now, I can think of so many other fun things I would rather do than pack our black roller bags.
Yes, with holiday just days away, we are all so giddy we can hardly stand on our own two feet.
The blog will follow our travels. We invite you to come along.
First stop: Provins, France 
Departure date: Tuesday
See you on the road.
Bon Voyage!