There is not mushroom before our Wednesday morning flight.

I will be honest.

At this moment, I would love nothing more than to hide from the chores and errands under a pile of fallen leaves.

find 1,200 words for two pressing deadlines. give house a good scrub. laundry + ironing.
return library books. mow the garden. send deposit for pre-school. buy a light bulb for lamp. post a birthday card. pick-up prescriptions. pack suitcases. organise ten hours of toddler activities for plane ride. walk dog. bathe dog. exhaust daughter in hopes of an afternoon nap that will allow me to accomplish some of the aforementioned.

and pause. 
take a few deep breaths. 

inhale. exhale. inhale. exhale.

My fungi list must, and will, be done before the wheels go up in three days.

Tick. Pack. GO!

We are (almost) outta here (again)…