Our marriage turned 10 today (that is 3,653 days to include the leap years in between).

We intended to go on an African safari to celebrate our anniversary. You would think ten years would be ample time to plan, but alas it proved otherwise.

And so, we celebrated a decade together in the English countryside observing wildfowl in the fields, the aging dog, and our precocious Queen of the Wild Things. It was, almost, the Serengeti.

Ten years later, we still draw straws over who spotted who first.  We do agree on one point: it was love at first sight. The whirlwind romance found us married just 13 months after our first date.

A risky proposition?

Do any come with a lifetime guarantee? 

Our winter wedding day was picture perfect but was far more than a great celebration. It served as a platform from which we joined hands and dove into our new lives as husband and wife.

In our first first ten years of marriage we have revealed our idiosyncrasies, hang ups, and pet peeves. 

Island fever and city-scapes, in vitro fertilization and miscarriage, promotions and transfers, culinary creations and travel adventures, grey hairs and receding hairlines; these are the bricks and mortars that shape our marriage.
We have cried and laughed, mourned loss and celebrated birth, explored countries, feasted better than royals, and created a comfortable home.

While we love to reflect on the past and anticipate the best is yet to come, we try to remain focused on the present and feel eternally grateful.

I wanted to share with you a 1.5 minute video from the past 5,260,321 minutes we have enjoyed as husband and wife.

For these, and all the other memories, I raise a toast to my beloved Chef.