And rain fell upon the earth forty days and forty nights. – Genesis 7:12

And then it stopped (for one day).

To celebrate the floods receding we played with cloud dough in the garden.  I first discovered cloud dough on Pinterest, and waited eagerly all winter to try out my new pin.

I admit, cloud dough had me as excited as the sun’s return.

If you do not know cloud dough it is simply 8 parts plain flour mixed with 2 parts Johnson & Johnson baby oil. A combination resulting in a powdery (messy) sensory play.  As such, I encourage cloud dough to be an outdoor activity.

Cloud dough is flaky, silky, and smells like a newborn baby. It is a texture wonder for toddlers to play, pat, ponder, and pretend play.


  • Plastic toy tub/bin
  • 8-10 cups of plain flour
  • 2-3 cups of baby oil
  • Various spoons, ice cream scoop, bowls, small trinkets

Mix flour and oil until the flour begins to clump. Add more oil until you have the desired consistency.

Cloud Dough Details

Ouisie’s head was in the clouds for over an hour as she scooped cloud dough at an ice cream parlor, baked a birthday cake for every friend and family member, and filled muffin tins.

CloudDough Creations

With grey clouds rolling in and the two of us covered in a layer of flour dust, I coaxed Ouisie inside with the promise of a bubble bath.

Clean up required a (really) good sweep of the back patio, and washing all the supplies. The salvageable cloud dough was stored in an airtight container.

CloudDough Toes

Ever since, Ouisie has been on cloud nine about cloud dough.  If it is not raining, she starts talking cloud dough before my morning coffee has finished brewing.

England was privy to a glorious spring weekend, so we (again) celebrated the warmer forecasts with 8 parts flour and 2 parts baby oil.

Can we officially bid  au revoir to winter… and bonjour to spring? Pretty please?