Do you ever struggle to find the energy for one more imaginary play?

Are you about to donate all the toys as your toddler does not want to play with any of them?

Have you counted the number of injections you received from your little doctor in training?

Ouisie loves imaginary play. Pirate, princess, doctor, animal rescuer, teacher, baby… You name it, we have created a story. Our little girl does not want to build, colour, or play dolls. Instead, she delights in spending her days in an imaginary adventure world.

I love her creative energy. But when it’s only 10am and I am up to my eyeballs with spontaneous character voiceovers, dress up, and flu jabs, I need the halftime whistle to blow.

To relieve me from a solid 24-hour marathon of imaginary role play, and to put her creative energy towards exploring something new, I incorporate sensory play activities into our days.

Here are two indoor sensory play activities which require only a few supplies that most readers will have in their home. Suggested ages for both is 3+ years with adult supervision.


What toddler doesn’t love bubbles?  This activity allows the toddler to blow BIG bubbles, and the liquid dish soap guarantees great results. Good clean fun!


  • Liquid dish soap
  • Straw
  • Bowl

I began by wiping the play table with a damp sponge. I then squirted a small amount of the dish soap on the table. While I was able to easily blow the bubbles, Ouisie found it difficult as the straw needed to be at an angle. We then moved on to put a little bit of water in a bowl with the liquid soap. And presto! Bubbles grew and GREW…

Ouisie only once made the mistake of sipping on the straw. A mouthful of soap was a quick lesson on why best to make, not swallow, the bubbles.

She enjoyed playing with the bubbles, popping them and looking at their various shapes and sizes. We added some soap and water to the play blender and made bubble shakes.

This is also a fun bath activity. Pour a little bubble bath liquid in a cup and add some water. Place straw in the cup and let the toddler create bubble cones, volcanos, and more!


I had not thought about painting with marbles since school.

After days of grey and rain, I began to feel like I was losing my marbles. In hopes of not pulling out my hair, I reached for a jar of marbles, some paint and paper, and we painted.


  • Washable Paint
  • Marbles
  • Cake Tins
  • Masking Tape
  • Paper

Line a few cake tins with paper and tape in place. Squirt various colours of paint on a plate. Demonstrate rolling a few marbles in the paint. Place the coated glass balls in the cake tin and roll around to create a unique design.

Ouisie enjoyed making noise with the rolling marbles, and putting globs of paint onto the glass balls. For a sparkly fairy twist, we sprinkled our canvas with pixie dust. The result was a Pollock masterpiece.

I must wrap this post up as I am being paged, again, by Doctor Ouisie. It is time for (another) flu jab. Ouch!

I hope these activities prevent you from losing your marbles, and keep you bubbly with your energetic tyke.

If all else fails, I suggest you pour yourself a glass of chilled wine and breathe.