Three inanimate objects that melt my heart at Valentine’s are: decorative paper, ribbon, and love quotes.

I know, where are the diamonds? The dark chocolate? The Champagne? Friend, please know I would never snub these, but the latter bring me as much joy. We all have our idiosyncrasies.

After my Valentine card making post last week, I kept cutting and pasting.  Today’s post has two more Valentine crafts to keep your heart a flutter and looking through rose-colored glasses.

Pinterest provides an endless supply of creative crafts. One that caught my eye created a ribbon of daily love post-its to your child for the month of February. Think of it as Cupid’s advent calendar.  Ouisie wakes excited to find her new love note each morning. I enjoy meditating on my post-it throughout the day like a daily devotional.

To make your own “Tugging at Mom’s Heartstrings”, you will need: decorative ribbon, decorative paper/card stock, pen or stamps, double-sided tape.

Cut a piece of ribbon and attach to the child’s bedroom door. You can add a decorative touch to the top. I printed off a heart with a few lines from Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s famous love sonnet, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”


Attached is a heart template you can print off to write your daily love posts. Print on plain or decorative paper. Whatever is at your fingertips and makes you smile. Just add the date where indicated and your Post-it.  Template: Heart Collage




So here is where I confess my crush on bunting.  I have always admired it, but fell truly in love with bunting while living in England. From village fêtes to farmers markets, nothing embodies the cohesive British spirit more than a strand of bunting. Bunting  was a constant featured decoration at the cottage for birthdays, the Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, and summer BBQs.

As I do not own a sewing machine (yet), I enjoy making paper bunting  to include one for Ouisie’s 2nd birthday. You can find details of this craft from the “A bunting I go” post.

This week as I stared at our vacant hearth,  it seemed to cry out for a strand of hearts. And so I started printing and cutting. The end result, a bold statement of love. Just looking at it makes me all warm and fuzzy.

Now  I hear the hearth coaxing, “Come on baby, light my fire.”



To make your “All A Bunt Love”, you’ll need: Decorative string or twine, decorative or plain cardstock paper, and a hole puncher. Optional: decorative ribbons and clothespins.

To make it easy, I have included my LOVE letter template below. Two letters fill an 8″x10″ sheet of paper. Print directly onto decorative paper, cut as desired, punch holes in top, and thread letters through the string.  Template: LOVE Letter- (1 of 2) L-O  (2 of 2) V-E


Below are three love quote templates. Again, simply print on to your preferred decorative paper, cut out the hearts, punch holes in top, and thread through the string.

Note to readers: There was a 4th love quote template which I left off as it included my daughter’s original love quote, “He’s the fire in the town.” It’s a toddler’s twist on “He’s hot.”

I’m praying for strength to see her through puberty ten years from now.

Templates:  Love Quotes 1 ♥ Love Quotes 2Love Quotes 3


Rather than punch holes in the hearts, I attached them to the string using mini-clothespins. To embellish the clothespins I glued some of the decorative paper onto each face.




For a final touch, I used smaller hearts from the above heart collage template and attached them to the decorative ribbon tied throughout the bunting strand.


I hope these sweet nothings tug at your heartstrings, too. And remember, love is all you need.