Ah summer.

Later curfews. Endless pool parties. Sun kissed skin.

Thirst quenching summer spritzers.

When an endless summer day includes day drinking I prefer a light refreshing sip to quench, not drench, my thirst.

Enter the wine spritzer.

I acquired the taste for spritzers while living in the West Indies. The Caribbean’s warm sea breezes and soft sand between my newlywed toes regularly prompted celebratory toasts. As the 4th of July weekend will find many of you relaxing by the water’s edge, I wanted to share my new favorite summer sip: Grapefruit Rosé Spritzer.

Like any wine, not all Rosé wines are created equal. For starters, there is stark difference between a California Zinfandel and a Provençal Rosé. Many moons ago when Chef and I were dating, I was hesitant to try Rosé on our first trip to France as I knew only the syrupy pink juice poured at college frat parties.

After Chef poured my first proper glass of Provençal Rosé, I was hooked.

If you are not familiar with Rosé wine, choosing  one at the store can be intimidating and confusing. Chef shares a few tips when shopping for a Rosé:

1. Look for a Rosé bottled from Provence, France.

2. Color matters. Pale peach or light rose indicates drier and crisper finish.

3. High price does not equate to quality or taste. There are decent Rosé wines for under $10 which are perfect for outdoor entertaining and ideal for spritzers. One of our staples is Trader Joe’s Côteaux d’aix en Provence.

4. Serve it cold and keep the open bottle on ice or refrigerated.

Below is the Grapefruit Rosé Spritzer recipe and a few other tempting spritzer pins I uncovered for you to sample.



Chilled bottled of Côteaux d’aix en Provence, available at  Trader Joe’s

Perrier Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Water*


Sliced Fresh Grapefruit (optional garnish)

* If you prefer a sweeter spritzer but do not want added calories, substitute the Perrier with Sparkling Ice Water’s Pink Grapefruit.


Pour 1/2 glass of Rosé. Add sliced grapefruit and ice. Top with a couple splashes of Perrier Pink Grapefruit or Sparkling Ice Water’s Pink Grapefruit.

Below are some other summer spritzers to sip on while soaking in those golden rays:


The Wanderlust Kitchen’s  Raspberry-Lemon Blush Sangria Spritzers  makes me want to salsa. If the Mediterranean Sea is not in your summer travel plans, you can add a pinch of Spanish flare by mixing up a pitcher of Sangria for your pool party.  TIP: Do not put ice in the sangria pitcher as it will water down the drink. Have an ice bucket on hand for guests to self serve.


Aggie’s Kitchen is cooking dinner and sipping on this Red Wine Berry Spritzer. Similar to my Grapefruit Rose Spritzer, this one packs in the flavour without the empty calories by mixing with La Croix Mixed Berry Sparkling Water. Can we agree that sipping adult grape juice while cooking dinner adds a splash of joy into the daily chore?


Leave it to Cosmopolitan to confirm blush makes the party. They market their crowd pleasing Cranberry-Lime Rosé Spritzer as “festive yet economical”. Stretch those bottles of wine by adding some seltzer and juice. Do you worry about not having enough for this weekend’s party? Do you always extend last minute invites? Two more reasons why a spritzer is the perfect choice this July 4th.

Bon Appétit will tell you their Rosé Spritzer is the kind of beverage you can “sip on all afternoon.” I will leave you to test their theory.

Wherever, however, and with whomever you celebrate America’s Independence Day we hope it is fun, festive, and safe. This weekend we reflect on how blessed we are to live in a nation that celebrates liberty, upholds civil rights, and stands unified. Cheers to the USA!

Happy 4th y’all!