Callie Pannier  Callie is Texan by birth and a nomad at heart. She is passionate about family, food, travel, the outdoors, and loves hosting and planning parties both at home and for special events. The past few years, Callie has relished being at home with their daughter while exploring various jobs to include a stint teaching pre-school! She is active at their daughter’s school where she sits on the PTA Board as Fundraising Chair. Her favorite holiday is Christmas though she loves the promise of rebirth that Easter brings each year.

Chef Cyrille Pannier Chef was born in Le Mans, France, and grew up on a farmstead in Arnage. It was here that he first foraged porcini and golden chanterelles mushrooms, and learned that the pet rabbit was to eat, not play. As a youth, Cyrille’s mother often found him meddling in the kitchen. He credits his mother for first recognizing his culinary passion and, at the tender age of sixteen, securing him a three- year apprenticeship in one-Michelin-star restaurant Auberge des Mattfeux. He has over thirty years of culinary experience, cooking on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, most recently at Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco. When Chef is not in the kitchen, he is on his bike blazing a new trail in the East Bay Hills. He is very involved with Chefs

In addition to their adventures living abroad, Callie and Chef have enjoyed sailing around the Caribbean and traveling to South America, Asia, Europe, and North Africa. They enjoy nothing more than exploring a new place together and immersing themselves into the local culture.

Today, Callie and Chef live in Oakland, California, with their daughter: Eloise, seven. Cyrille was appointed Executive Chef at Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco in February 2017.

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