Callie Pannier has a Bachelor’s in English Literature from Rhodes College. After graduating from university, and a few years of traveling, she joined Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts to pursue a career that would cater to her love of travel and fine hotels. Just eight months into the job, she fell spoon over fork in love with a French Chef. Ever since, her life has been a heavenly gastronomique journey. Callie is passionate about family, food, photography, travel and loves reading. Life with a French chef, a precocious toddler and one opinionated dog inspired Callie to begin blogging about her family adventures both abroad and at home at Callie & Chef.

Chef Cyrille Pannier has over thirty years of culinary experience, cooking on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Prior to his tenure with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, he was the personal chef of Mohamed Al Fayed, former owner of Harrod’s department store in London.  He also worked at the Diplomat Hotel Manama in Bahrain, the Hyde Park Hotel Knightsbridge in London, and hotels in France, including the Hotel Le Pigonnet in Provence and Hotel Florida in Biarritz.

Chef was born in Le Mans, France, and grew up on a farmstead in Arnage.  It was here that he first foraged porcini and golden chanterelles mushrooms, and learned that the pet rabbit was to eat, not play. As a youth, Cyrille’s mother often found him meddling in the kitchen. He credits his mother for first recognizing his culinary passion and, at the tender age of sixteen, securing him a three- year apprenticeship in one-Michelin-star restaurant Auberge des Mattfeux.  The apprenticeship gave him a solid foundation in the rudiments of cooking, and affirmed his desire to be a chef. Following Auberge des Mattfeux, he worked at the one-Michelin-star La Dariole de Viry, Viry-Châtillon.

In addition to their adventures living abroad, Callie and Chef have enjoyed sailing around the Caribbean and traveling to South America, Asia, Europe, and North Africa. They enjoy nothing more than exploring a new place together and immersing themselves into the local culture.

Today, Callie and Chef live Los Angeles, California, with their daughter: Eloise, four. Cyrille was appointed Executive Chef at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills in June 2014.

Callie is a freelance writer and blogger. She has been a featured contributor for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts on their family travel blog, Have Family Will Travel, and epicurean blog, Taste. If you have a project that requires top-notch professional writing, please get in touch.

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